About this site

Consensus Republic Blog
To promote an Australian Republic via “Sovereign Appointment” whereby the people take over the sovereign’s duty of appointing the PM’s nominee for GG.

The site is run by Mike Pepperday.  I am a political scientist with interests in political institutions and political culture. 
Contact me at:
(02) 6125 6569
0431 606 380
I live in Canberra. 
I used to be a surveyor.  Former navigation customers are welcome to get in touch.   

Comments do not have to stick strictly to the theme of the post.  You are welcome to comment on any aspect of the republic.  Please bear in mind that the topic is how to change to a republic, not whether we should change.  

The stimulus for (finally) setting up this site is the “Republic Gathering” to be held on 1-2 April 2006 in Canberra.  There was a gathering (“RG1”) in August 2005 which included republicans of all stripes, and invitations to RG2 will include all known pro-republic groups. 


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