Promoting SA

   Before putting the FAQs and this blog together, I didn’t really push Sovereign Appointment. 
   I thought it was obvious.  If a republic is where the people are sovereign then the way for a monarchy to become a republic is to transfer the sovereignty from the monarch to the people.  Isn’t it?  Just substitute “people” for “monarch” in the constitution – problem solved. 
   It was so obvious it was a puzzle why they didn’t get on with it.  I got a few mates to chip in $50 each to cover expenses and I faxed a two-page explanation of SA to each delegate at the con-con.  I remember it took hours and I got to bed, in Perth, about 2 am.  But the convention didn’t adopt the idea.  What was wrong with them? 
   Or wrong with SA?  A long version in the Financial Review in 1999 elicited only complimentary responses.  In 2003 the WA ACM chair, Bill Hassell, wrote an anti-republic article in the West Australian.  I responded showing that Sovereign Appointment answered all his whinges – everything.  That’s the beauty of SA: it not only satisfies both major republican camps but also satisfies the rational reasons for retaining the monarchy.  I know that a couple of people prodded Bill to respond but he wouldn’t.  He couldn’t. 
   The Senators in the 2004 republic inquiry also didn’t see any flaw in it, not even misery-guts Bolkus.  Rather the contrary – not that you’d know it from their report. 
   So SA looks pretty bullet-proof (though if you think you can shoot a hole in it, fire away) and it’s surely the only solution that can ever provide consensus of both pollies and people. 
   The FAQ list was suggested by Grant Martyn, the bloke who did (and does) the leg-work for “Real Republic WA”.  The idea is to cover the queries that have arisen over the years and to put every detail, and every foreseeable consequence, out in the open. 
   Years ago I practically begged Richard McGarvie to set out the changes to the constitution his model would require.  “Oh, people get too distracted by the detail,” he replied.  I had a couple of tries to no avail.  The subtext?  “Just agree to my model in broad terms and leave it to your betters to work out the details.”  It’s not only insulting, it’s not facing up to the fact that a referendum will be on the exact changes to the constitution. 
   So  if you think the FAQs gloss over anything, or omit anything, please speak up. 

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