Senate helps monarchy

I have just posted a new reference page: “Foolish Senate Report” discussing its nonsense recommendation of holding a plebiscite to choose a model.  It is an attempt at preference trickery which is never going to come off.  This short-sighted, self-interested, deceitful report is the biggest boost to the monarchist cause since 1993. 

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2 Comments on “Senate helps monarchy”

  1. Wayne Errington Says:

    Did the Senate Committee flesh out the concept of an electoral college? It may be a compromise between parliamentary and popular election.

  2. Mike Pepperday Says:

    Various ideas I think. In their discussion they mixed it up with election by the politicians as in Germany and Italy but leaving that aside the more standard version would be, eg, the ARM idea that the people would elect 42 people and added to this would be the six state governors – and this group would appoint or elect the president.

    The idea is quite well known but no one seems to be very enthusiastic. We know the basis for the US electoral college – partisan majority – but what would be the basis here? I think people who have thought about it see it as having the defects of popular election (partisanship) and of parliamentary appointment (elitist, non democratic) and the advantages of neither.

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